(a)  All signs posted on common areas form part of these rules and must be obeyed.

(b)  You must not obstruct or permit the obstruction of walkways, entrances, security features, lighting or other parts of the common areas.

(c) When on common areas everybody must be adequately clothed, must not use inappropriate language or behave in a manner likely to cause offence or embarrassment to another person.

(d) Smoking is not permitted in any building (other than in your home) or other enclosed parts of common areas.


(a) In the interests of safety when driving in the community any internal speed limits and other traffic signs must be obeyed at all times.

(b) As parking spaces are limited you may only park your vehicle in your own garage, carport, driveway or other allocated space. You must not park or stand your vehicle on any other part of the community without our consent. This rule does not prevent you from stopping to allow passengers to get in or out of your vehicle.

(c) Under no circumstances may a vehicle be driven or parked on grassed common areas.

(d) Visitor parking spaces are for visitors use ONLY, including tradespeople, doctors, emergency vehicles or other people just visiting the community. They are not to be used by residents, other occupants living in the community or staff.


(a) Dwellings must be kept in good repair and in a neat and tidy condition.

(b) You must not use any part of the common area as your own garden without our consent.

(c) Be mindful of your neighbours when choosing plants for your garden. You must not knowingly place any plants, such as flowers, shrubs or vines on or in your site which commonly cause allergic reactions or are likely to cause a nuisance or damage to property.


(a) For health and safety reasons all household garbage, including pet and food waste, must be wrapped before being placed in any bin.

(b) Littering, leaving garbage, pet waste or other rubbish on common areas, other than in the bins provided, is prohibited.

(c) Garbage must be placed in the correct bin.

(d) It is your responsibility to organise the disposal of large items that require special handling, such as broken appliances and unwanted furniture, and these items must not be left on common areas without our consent.

(e) Under no circumstances is the burning of rubbish or garden waste permitted within the community without our consent.


(a) No animals allowed without prior consent of management. Existing animals must not be replaced.

(b) To protect the native wildlife, no cats will be allowed in the community.

(c) Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times when on common areas.

(d) Pets are not allowed in any building (other than in your home) or in any enclosed common area in the community, with the exception of a guide dog or hearing dog.

(e) You are responsible for your pet/s and must clean up after them immediately.

(f) All animals kept in the community must not create unreasonable noise or nuisance (e.g. excessive barking), attack or threaten people or other animals within the community, or cause damage to common areas or other residents’ property.

(g) You agree that if these rules are breached seriously or persistently we may request that the animal be removed from the community within a specified time and you agree to comply with any such request.


(a) To assist with the security of the community if you have visitors, guests staying overnight or for a short term, you agree to let us know their names and their intended length of stay.

(b) Visitor and guest vehicles must be parked in the visitors’ car park and are not permitted in the community without the prior consent of management.

(c) Visitors or guests with pets must obtain managements’ consent prior to brining a pet into the community.

(d) Any visitor or guest who seriously or repeatedly breaks these rules may be asked to leave the community immediately.


(a) Noise must be kept to a minimum at all times.

(b) No noise before 7am or after 10pm that may disturb others in the community.


(a) You must comply with the emergency evacuation procedures in place in the community.

(b) You should exercise due care when dealing with fire, both inside and outside of the home, including, but not limited to, when using a barbecue and other outdoor cooking facilities.

(c) At all times, you and your guests must comply with fire bans and restrictions imposed by emergency services.

(d) Flammable materials, such as chemicals, liquids or gases, in excess of normal household quantities must not be stored on your site or in your home.


(a) You must not use decks, carports or common areas as storage space without our consent. Including, but not limited to, storing items such as paint tins, bottles, boxes, luggage, garden tools, electric equipment and furniture (other than specifically designed outdoor furniture).


(a) You must give management a notice of intention to offer your home for sale before offering it for sale.

(b) Under the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013 you are entitled to display a “for sale” sign in or on the home, but only if you first inform us of the intention to offer the home for sale.

(c) Any “for sale” sign displayed on the home must not exceed in size one metre by one metre and must include, in point size at least 12, the following words: “Any prospective purchaser must contact the operator before paying any monies for the purchase of this home. It is essential that you get a Disclosure Statement and have the operator’s approval to live in the community.”


(a) If you have installed or install solar panels we will not be liable to compensate you for any electricity that the solar panels feed back into our grid.

(b) We may disconnect the solar panels from our infrastructure if we are of the view that your solar panels are contributing to a deterioration of our infrastructure or are placing an unacceptable load on our infrastructure. We must give you at least 7 days’ notice of our intention to disconnect. The disconnection cost will be at your cost unless we agree to pay for it.


(a) Within the meaning of the Civil Liability Act 2002 you are warned that you and other person who engage in any recreational activity in the community, that the pursuit of such activities may result in harm or person injury.  All persons who engage in a recreational activity do so at their own risk.




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